Cornflower and Light Gold

Here’s a lovely cornflower tutu using one of my most popular trims.

Mackay (3)

The blue of the plate and bodice goes beautifully with the gold cording and the beige embroidery of the appliques.

Mackay (6)

Decoration on the back of tutus is becoming quite a popular request.

Mackay (5)

I’ve used light blue and crystal AB stones to embellish the appliques on the plate and the bodice.

Mackay (7)

The floating rhinestone points add a little bit of interest to the skirt.

Mackay (1)

And of course a tiara completes the picture.






Burgundy, Gold and Copper

My client wanted a warm coppery gold trim to go with her burgundy tutu. It’s a hard to find colour so I decided to overdye some venise lace. The rayon bobbin thread is a warm yellow so I played around with fuchsia and hot pink fibre reactive dyes until I was happy with the colour. I also used undyed gold lace in the decoration as well and brought the two colours closer together with rhinestones.

Weitnauer (5)

I used scarlet and gold resin rhinestones because of their bold colour and augmented them with hyacinth and other red coloured stones.


The skirt was ivory with a layer of enhanced sparkle tulle to give the skirt more glimmer.

Weitnauer (3)

The ensemble is completed with a tiara and arm puffs.

Weitnauer (9)

Peach, Apricot and Pink

I’ve had a few very pretty colours requested of me this year and I’ve also made some lovely pastel RTWs tutus too.

Apricot and Gold

Apricot and Ivory

Apricot RTW (3)

Apricot and Gold Venise Lace


Pale Pink and Gold French Lace

Champagne RTW (6)

Pale Pink and Bright Gold Venise lace

RTW Peach and Gold (3)

Peach and Gold Venise Lace with gold lace overlay

Todeschino (6)

Bright Coral and pale gold

Breen (5)

Fuchsia and Gold

Berberich (9)

Pink and Gold Embroidered lace

Conradsen (2)

Purple Tutus

Here are a few purple tutus for your enjoyment. I haven’t had many over the past year.


Pretty purple over a lilac skirt with silver and white embroidered and corded appliques.


Pretty purple, lilac and crystal AB stones for a richly decorated bodice.

plate detail

The plate is trimmed with larger stones in the same colours.


This tutu has a top layer of dark wine over purple and is decorated with glitter appliques.


The glittery effect of this trim is beautiful on stage, especially on darker colours.


Look at the sunlight catching the light shining up from the plate.

RTW Lilac (4)

This pretty little lilac tutu is a RTW waiting for next year’s dance season. The bodice and skirt trim is hand-dyed to match the bodice and skirt.

RTW Lilac (2)



Midnight Blue Waltz Tap

Jalie skating patterns are wonderfully adaptable. Here I’ve added a floor length, double layer nesh skirt for this waltz tap costume.

Vavrina Tap (1)

The cosmic mesh top layer is backed with black mesh to give more depth to the skirt. There are 4 hip high offset slashes in the skirt so that we can see the dancer’s legs.

Simple white and silver appliques spill onto the nude yoke for a delicate effect.


Vavrina Tap (4)

The appliques have been decorated with crystal AB and black diamond rhinestones.

Lovely elegant costume.

Ruched Burgundy

This was one of the last costumes I made for one of my dancers as she pondered her life beyond dancing. It was a little difficult getting the ruching right without fittings but I managed and am looking forward to more costumes like this.

Prodger (6)

I used a mixture of dark red and purple appliques with complementary stones.

Prodger (7)

The appliques creep around the edges of the costume onto the nude mesh.


Prodger (2)

And here is the final reveal:

Prodger (1)

And a few photos of Tarli on stage.