Royal Blue Velvet and Old Gold


I found a beautiful corded lace earlier this year and couldn’t wait to use it on a RTW tutu. The lace and the velvet worked beautifully together and instead of the traditional white skirt I opted for powder blue. It was such a successful combination the tutu sold in a few hours.

plate detail

corded lace and AB crystals

The lace was a lovely warm old gold with pretty champagne embroidery. I loaded it up with lots of blue stones and a few crystal AB rhinestones for little flashes of pink.


bodice decoration

There was plenty of scope with this trim for embellishment.


Tiny Tutus

Occasionally the dancers I make tutus for are very tiny. Here are 2 tutus both size 4; a tiny Aurora and a tiny Bluebird.


bodice decoration

This little one has a Russian style bodice with an ivory centre panel, pink middle front panels and the rest of the bodice is a lovely soft apricot.


gold lace overlay

The overlay is 2 types of embroidered tulle sewn together with gold thread.


tiny little aurora

The little blue bird has a hand dyed lace overlay.


ribbon roses

The corded lace motifs were cut from the lace and spangled with rhinestones before being sewn onto the bodice.


bodice decoration

Both of these tutus were so tiny they were only just big enough to fit onto my smallest mannequin.


tiny bluebird