Tiny Cinderella

A mum from Queensland asked if I could make her 4 year old a very romantic Cinderella style tutu in blue, cream and gold. She gave me a few ideas, like a swag around the top and shoulders and a deeply ornate plate but basically gave me free rein. We were both very pleased with the sweet little confection I came up with for her wee girl. Have a look at the elements in the pictures below.

plate detail (2)

Plate detail

The plate was blue at the top and edged with gold venise lace. The second tier was cream and I used 2 other trims in lighter gold. The lace was embellished with crystal AB and blue rhinestones.

plate detail

central detail

The very centre of the plate had an ornate focal point using french lace that mirrored the bodice decoration. The skirt was ivory underneath with a blue layer and a layer of glitter tulle on the top for some Cinderella sparkle.

bodice detail

bodice detail

The bodice had a little swag cross the top that continued around the top of the arms and to the back. The centre of the bodice was decorated with venise lace, embroidered lace and a some french lace remnants I have left over from another tutu. I always keep a box of little trimming pieces just in case. The french lace was perfect for this.


finished tutu

I was very happy with little tutu and then completely delighted when I received this picture from the ballerina’s mum with her daughter wearing the tiara I made for her as well.


completely adorable


I offered one of my custom-made tutus as a prize for the senior Classical Section of the South East Queensland Performing Arts Festival (SEQPAF). The winner, Kaitlyn McNall, said she’d like an elegant blue tutu with a light and delicate design. She left the design pretty much in my hands.


Silver venise lace on the bodice

The neckline of the bodice was cut marginally lower than usual but not deep enough for a nude insert to be necessary.


plate detail

I wanted a striking design but not too heavy. So I played around with loops of trim floating on glitter tulle.


intricate details with lots of rhinestones

I slowly built up the tiers on the plate until I was happy with it. The plate and the 2 outer layers make up a pretty 3-tiered plate. The slightly darker skirt gives a luminous quality to the tutu.


finished tutu


Glacier Blue and Silver

My favourite lycra supplier is Eclipse Textiles. While I prefer their matt lycra I couldn’t resist their beautiful pale blue shiny¬†lycra. I used the dull side as the right side of the fabric.

finished leotard

decorated leotard

I made up the leotard and decorated it before I put the skirt ruffles on. The skirt was white with a layer of pastel blue in the third layer from the top.

plate detail

plate detail

We decided on a small plate to show off the lace overlay to the best effect.

bodice front

deep insert

The embellishments flank a long deep nude insert. The silver venise lace blends beautifully with the lycra creating a textural effect.


finished tutu

The pale blue is almost luminous. It will be lovely on stage where the dancer will be Cinderella.