Ivory and Gold Championship

Ivory and gold are classic colours for an elegant and sophisticated tutu. Here I’ve used gold venise lace with crystal AB, citrine and topaz rhinestones, and added pearls to lighten the effect of the heavier parts of the gold applique.   My client wanted the tutu to have rich embellishment without being too heavy soContinue reading “Ivory and Gold Championship”

Paquita Grand Pas Classique

I’m just about to leave for my holiday so I have a little bit of time up my sleeve to blog my last 2015 tutu . This one has quite a bit of detail so get ready to plough in. This is white and gold tutu for Paquita. The accents are a dark gold andContinue reading “Paquita Grand Pas Classique”

Burgundy Paquita

Burgundy and gold are a perfect match for Paquita. I teamed it with rhinestones, venise lace and corded lace and I included some warm gold net in the skirt. Because the skirt is a different colour to the bodice the leotard needs to be made in 2 colours I decorated the leotard before I putContinue reading “Burgundy Paquita”