Polish National Costume

I don’t do a lot of national costumes but what I like most about them is the research. My client sent me a few pictures of styles she liked and we settled on this one because of it’s beautiful bright colours. It was a terrific opportunity to fire up the embroidery machine.


bodice detail

The bodice is heavily embroidered with flowers and trimmed with gimp braid. The bottom of the bodice has little embroidered tabs. This sits over a gauze apron and floral skirt.


apron detail

More embroidery on the back of the bodice.


back detail

The white blouse has a deep, wide lace collar and puffed sleeves and the headpiece is made of flowers and a long red ribbon to keep it in place.


Polish National Costume

All that is needed is a few strings of red coral beads for a truly authentic look.