Spanish Tutus

3A grand parade of Spanish and Spanish-inspired tutus

Cartlidge (2)

Rich red over a slightly darker skirt. Lots of flashy sparkle here.

HINCH tutu (3)

Coral and gold over a champagne coloured skirt

red and white RTW (9)

Dark red and gold with pretty windows of decorated net over a glittery white skirt


Richly embellished russet and gold tutu with champagne coloured chemise and skirt


Opulent black and peach tutu with an plate of copper lace over enhanced sparkle tulle skirt

Spanish RTW (6)

Black bodice and airbrushed red skirt embellished with gold venise lace and floating red jewels.

Harijanto (5)

Sparkly trim on a dark red bodice and plate over a crisp white skirt

Vavrina (4)

Lovely Paquita

Francis (8)

Another lovey Paquita

bourketutu (2)

Lovely long points out to the edge of the skirt.

RTW Burgundy and FrenchLace (7)

I think the beautiful heavily beaded French lace on this RTW tutu gave it the record sale time of 6 minutes.


Black and Red Tutus


Black and red often conjures up Spanish tutus but there is so much more to these colours than just Spanish. A dramatic all black tutu is included in the mix here too … dark Odette.

frontThe points on this plate end with floating jewels for extra drama.

bodice CUDramatic detail on bodice front does suggest a Spanish flair for this tutu. But with a change of choreography or music the dancer could portray any strong character.

The skirt is black on top but grades down to red.

This lovely little cherry red tutu is decorated with silver venise lace that has been overdyed to match the bodice and plate. A bit of glitter tulle in the top of the skirt adds sparkle.

bodice CU

The white bobbin thread has taken up the dye leaving the silver top thread to sparkle through in the lace.

The next tutu is all black, black net, black bodice and black trim.


The trim needs textural elements so that it can be seen. In this case I’ve used black pearls and sequins and some large smokey grey rhinestones.

The last tutu, although being in typical Spanish colours was pared back and made a bit stronger and “spikier” than a Spanish tutu might be.


I used 2 types of appliques but drew them together by using the same stones on each.

bodice CU

And here is the tutu on the lovely Tara at the 2017 Sydney Eisteddfod.


Black and Red Tutu

A senior dancer wanted a strong design in red and black that could be used for both Spanish or any other strong choreography.

bodice detail

bodice detail

We went with black velvet for the bodice and a dark red corded lace which I set about encrusting with rhinestones.

plate detail

plate detail

I used hyacinth AB crystals, various reds and some black rhinestones.

DSC_0008 (2)

Red underskirt

The top 2 layers of the skirt are black, then wine red and dark red for a brilliant flash of red.





Kitri has a lovely costume in Act One of Don Quixote. This is a fully stretch version for a young dancer. It is modelled on the Bolshoi costume. This costume has a 4 tiered knee length skirt and bodice with a laced corset.


skirt tiers

I built the skirt onto a full circle of nylon lycra. The 4 tiers were made of gathered stretch mesh and  trimmed with black and gold braid.


faux corset insert

I used a rotary cutter for the corset ribbons and zigagged them on. Since this effort I have decided to use looped tape to get a nice even placement of ribbons. I’ll post that method soon when I document my Swanhilda and Flower variation romantic tutus.


insert in bodice


The leotard has red pants to match the skirt. I placed the trim around to see how it would look. And then time for BLING!


gold venise lace and Czech rhinestones

and voila. I added a few little ribbon roses as well.



bodice decoration

and the finished costume.


Postcript: I do love it when I receive photos of my costumes in action. This is a fabulous photo showing how well the stretch mesh flies on stage



costume in action






Just when I thought the year was getting quieter for Australian tutus I received a rush of calls for YAGP tutus. I almost couldn’t fit this one in but a position on my schedule opened up.

This is a lovely traditional Spanish tutu is a gorgeous dark red dupioni silk with light gold-embroidered tulle plate.

006 - Copy (640x424)

The lace has a subtle gold thread thread it

We decided on a bright red skirt to contrast with the darker reds in the bdice and plate. Actually the black tulle of the lace brings the red of the skirt right down.

layers (424x640)

nine layers of stiff ballet net

After gathering the net on fishing line I steam each layer ready for sewing directly to the panty. In the picture below you can see I’ve sewn on guidelines in 2 colours so I don’t get confused where I’m up to. Over the hip flexor the ruffles are only about 8mm apart!

sewing layers (424x640)

sewing on the layers

After sewing on 9 layers of stiff ballet net I squeeze the skirt onto my patented Dieckmann tutu tacking form (that I’m not allowed to call a tutu butt).

1. Tacking layers 9,8 and 7 (424x640)

tacking layers 9, 8 and 7

After tacking the skirt, I gathered the lace onto fishing line to get an idea of how much I’d need for tier.

3. ruffling the lace (640x424)

gathered lace

I did a test ruffle on the skirt to see what sort of ratio looked best.

4. testing ruffle ratio (640x424)

test ruffle

From here I measured out gathered lace for each tier and pinned it to a net plate then I wrangled it under the sewing machine.

5. pinning tier 2 to plate (640x424)

pinning tier 2 to the plate


It was exciting getting all the tiers on. The black tulle of the lace gave the bright red net a nice dark shade. The layers were tacked to the net plate with my sanity saving tagging gun. I also used the tagging gun to tacked the plate to the top layer of the tutu.

8 .finished plate (640x424)

finished plate

And I saved a bit of the lace for the sleeves and mounted it onto some fine black stretch mesh.

sleeve (640x424)


After some emails to and fro between Sydney and Los Angeles we agreed the lace on the bodice needed some “negative” space to break up its solid appearance. While that worked well on the plate the bodice needed to read differently.

bodice decoration (424x640)

beads, sequins and rhinestones

I loved putting this tutu together. The plate is just magic!

skirt detail 2 (640x424)

skirt detail


All the pieces went together beautifully. Another beautiful pattern from Suzanne Dieckmann especially designed for Spanish style tutus.







front (640x424)

finished tutu