Paquita Grand Pas Classique

I’m just about to leave for my holiday so I have a little bit of time up my sleeve to blog my last 2015 tutu . This one has quite a bit of detail so get ready to plough in. This is white and gold tutu for Paquita. The accents are a dark gold andContinue reading “Paquita Grand Pas Classique”

Esmeralda Classical Tutu and Peasant Pas costume

One of my US clients sent me a box of beautiful fabrics and appliques to make her daughter an Esmeralda classical tutu and a Peasant Pas costume. Both costumes were made from the emerald green dupioni but I slightly darkened the fabric for the peasant pas dress by overlaying it with fine black tulle. TheContinue reading “Esmeralda Classical Tutu and Peasant Pas costume”

Three White Tutus

In September this year I had a rush on white tutus. Here are a few pictures of Paquita Etoile, and La Bayadere and the Snow Queen. I also made a Paquita Grand Pas but that will be the subject of a separate post. For the La Bayadere tutu I used white appliques on white lycraContinue reading “Three White Tutus”

Gold Fairy Variation tutu

The Sleeping Beauty is a favourite ballet with a multitude of characters telling the story of the enchanted sleeping Princess Aurora. Among the jewel fairies in Act III is the Gold Fairy. The lovely young dancer this costume was made for has a beautiful olive complexion and dark hair. The apricot lycra she chose wasContinue reading “Gold Fairy Variation tutu”

Three Pretty Bluebirds

During the last half of the year I am often making variation tutus for YAGP. Here is a selection of tutus that could inspire any young dancer to be Princess Florine. I had only a small amount of this lace left so I had to be creative in making a balanced design from it. TheContinue reading “Three Pretty Bluebirds”

Paquita Cupid Variation

This time of year I have a lot of YAGP tutus to make. Australian eisteddfods often don’t allow dancers to do variations unless they are competing in the elite level so it is nice to get requests from my American clients for variation tutus. It’s a fabulous excuse to while away a bit of timeContinue reading “Paquita Cupid Variation”

Baroque Aurora

It’s important in any field to keep refreshing skills and learning new ways to do things. To this end I spent a week in Victoria’s beautiful Woodend at a tutu seminar run by the wonderful teachers Helen Rodwell and Sylvia Heather of Sew Classical Tutus. I also stayed on for a couple of days toContinue reading “Baroque Aurora”