Traditional Tutu Price Guidelines

A traditional tutu with a well fitted and boned bodice is  the iconic costume that, more than anything, says “ballerina”. These are suited to dancers who are not still growing quickly or who want a more traditional appearance.


My tutus are made from stiff Italian ballet net and fabrics such as silk dupioni, velvet, brocades or other suitable stable fabrics that will form a crisply tailored look. The bodice is piped at top and bottom edge and the bodice point is generally not sewn down but boned with flat steel to keep in place and elastic placed at the waistband of the basque to allow movement. The bodice side seams are boned with flexible spiral steels to allow movement but keep the bodice wrinkle free.

The tutu skirt is built onto a separate basque that anchors it securely to the dancer’s waist. Russian bodices are also built onto a basque so that the costume does not rely on elastic straps to keep it in place. The skirt has 9-10 layers of net that are tacked to give the iconic tutu shape with a gentle slope from the high hip to the edge of the tutu skirt. I like to vary the colours in the skirt, even if the colours are just subtle shades of each other, as I think this gives some life to the skirt. The tutu is fastened at the back with #3 and #6 hooks and bars. A hoop casing is included on row 4 so that a hoop may be included at a later date, however, Italian ballet net rarely requires hooping. My tutus are gun-tacked. Traditional hand tacking is a labour intensive process and incurs an additional charge (available on request).

A basic lightly decorated tutu starts at $800 and includes a boned and decorated bodice and a 9-10 layer skirt. Other features are available (listed below) although there may be some variation for particular fabrics or embellishment techniques:

Nude insert $25
Simple plate with linear trim and rhinestones $25
Intricate plates with applique trim and rhinestones from $50
Spanish 3-4 tiered ruffle plates from $75
Lace overlay from $50
Scalloped or feathered edges to net $25
Decorated Arm puffs/frills or sleeves from $35
Custom dyed net from $25
Corselet style bodice $50
Faux corset lacing $25
other customised options POA

Fully decorated eisteddfod quality tutus start at around $825 and average at around $900.

Fuchsia Spanish
plate detail


  1. Hi,
    Just wondering if your prices have changed? I would like to purchase a un-decorated traditional tutu with a plate for my daughter.



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