Tutu Making Courses in Victoria 2021

I am very grateful to my dear friend Danielle Legge who has given generous permission for me to use her patterns to teach others how to make classical ballet tutus. Dani has been my tutu mentor for many years and I would now like to share the benefits of what I have learned to others, just as Dani did with me.

I have been running classes from 2016 as either private lessons or 2 day intensive classes for 8 or more people. These have been run from my studio or local venues and I have even travelled to regional centres or interstate to conduct classes if class numbers can be assured.

Classes for 2021 will be announced in the after July.

Paquita Variation

Dani’s pattern is extremely versatile and designed for stretch fabrics such as lycra and stretch velvet. The great benefit of stretch tutus is that the tutu will grow with a dancer over a couple of seasons. In addition, stretch tutus have terrific resale value as they will fit a number of different body types and still look like the tutu was tailor-made.

008 (2) (640x424)
Tutus by Dani pattern

I will be running the stretch tutu classes in my studio in regional Victoria for small groups or alternatively, I am willing to travel to other states if a class of 8 can be guaranteed.  Please email me if you would like to be placed on a waiting list for a course.  You may buy your own materials or I’m happy to make up a kit for you. It is important to purchase materials that are fit for purpose so you should consult with me first. You will, however, be required to purchase a pattern from Dani. She can be contacted via her FB page Tutus By Dani.

029 (640x424)
Clouds of scalloped net

To undertake the course you must have intermediate sewing skills. Stretch sewing skills are handy but not essential as the basics will be taught. It is important though that your sewing machine has a good straight stretch stitch and has been recently serviced. Hire machines are not available.  Unfortunately, this is not a course for beginners.

lining (424x640)
lining pattern pieces

You will be supervised through fabric cutting, garment construction, shown quick and easy ways to cut and shape your net, learn stress-free ways to gather 45 linear metres of ballet net, and importantly, how to tack your tutu into a classical shape from the puffball that emerges from your machine. After 2 days of focused work and personal instruction you’ll have a lined, 6-8 layer classical ballet tutu, tacked and ready for decoration.

finished tutu ready for decoration

If you would like further instruction in how to finish off your tutu, additional half day courses in both Tutu Embellishment and Tiara making will also be available.

3Q profile
Ivory and Copper Aurora

The Embellishment Course will teach the basics of good design and ballet aesthetic,  explore the materials that can (and can’t) be used, plate design and how to attach it to the tutu, creative ways with lace, beading and rhinestones, and how to make arm puffs, frills or drapes. Information on sourcing trims will also be discussed.

bodice decoration
points attached
Plate construction
arm drapes

The tiara course will teach you how to make beaded tiara using use wire wrapping techniques, jewellery findings and crystal beads. In addition I will show you 2 effective techniques to attach the tiara to the dancer’s hair without having to pin over bulky frames.

beaded tiara


2-day basic tutu-making course           $550 (excludes materials)

1/2-day Embellishment course             $125 ($50 discount if you also take the tutu class)

1/2-day Tiara Making course                $140 (includes materials)

Advanced Classes                                     TBA

A business lecture for how to start your own small business may also be run if there is sufficient interest.

Class size is limited to 8 maximum.

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